Broken Statues

Ten dark fantasy short stories.

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What's Broken Statues about?

An old god pondering the meaning of life.

A noble house's last heir fighting for its legacy.

A woman waiting for her husband to come back from war.

And seven more stories inspired by the history and mythology of Eastern Europe.

A saga told from different angles.

Each story in the book can be read on its own, but together they paint a tapestry of love, death, ambition, and hope.

You can only learn the full story by seeing it from different angles.

The stories.

The Blue Flower

A woman waits for her husband to come home from war.

Monsters Have Good Days

A dying soldier reflects on his life

The Golden Apple

The youngest heir of a noble house fights for its legacy.

One Last March

An old general goes to war for the last time.

The Only Question

An old god ponders the meaning of life.

Scent of Rage

An inquisitor tracks down a murderer

Dreams and Seeds

A healer races against time to save her grandson

The Wings of Terror

A man on a quest to slay a monster

Broken Statues

A czar fights to fulfil his dream

A Quill's Confession

A storyteller struggles to write his life's work

Why did I write this?

I've always wondered about the backstory of secondary characters. What made them the way they are? What happened to them after the story?

In Broken Statues, no stone gets left unturned.

I've worked on this book for 4 years to make sure the stories fit together like a puzzle, and every question left by one of them gets answered by another.

How dark are the stories?

I believe you can't have good without evil, and this book gives an honest depiction of both. Some of the stories are violent, some are sad, but there's a little bit of hope in each of them.

This is not an epic.

This is not a story about heroes saving the world, or a chosen one fulfiling a prophecy.

Broken Statues tells you about people like you and me, who are dealing with the world around them.

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About the author.

Alex Kondov is an engineer by day, but when the sun sets he trades the keyboard for a pen.

He always found the real world to be too constrictive and his daydreaming gave birth to countless characters and places that don’t belong to it.

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